GCU RIO shares resources for universities training social entrepreneurs

Last 24 February 2023, Mark Anderson, Director of Glasgow Caledonian University’s Research and Innovation Office, gave a webinar to the UK-Vietnam Higher Education Network (UK-VN HE Network) on resources for social entrepreneurs.

Entitled, “Supporting Social Entrepreneurship in Universities,” Mr. Anderson shared with the participants tools available to institutions to help them develop a programme for social entrepreneurship. These tools range from ideation and brainstorming, to business modelling, to networking.

To introduce the topic, Mr. Anderson spoke about social innovation, and its role within universities. Within the context of GCU and the projects it has participated in, he gave examples of projects where the creation of social innovation support units (SISUs) within universities developed the social enterprise ideas of students, working on issues within their communities.

Mr. Anderson also shared to participants about the SILKEN Vietnam project, which is funded under the UK-Vietnam Partnerships for Quality and Internationalisation grant. SILKEN-Vietnam, among other objectives, aims to establish SISUs in select Vietnamese universities.

Download a copy of Mr. Anderson’s presentation, which includes a links to all the tools provided, here. For more resources by and for the SILKEN Vietnam project, check out our Resources page.